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February 11, 2012

10 Last Minute Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Home Life
X Last Minute Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Last Minute Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

School has been hectic since coming back from winter break and now, before you know it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you are frantically spending the weekend before the big day searching for that special something for your special someone, try one of the ideas below.  Personalize them for your Valentine to make them extra-special.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. Love Coupons – Create a booklet of coupons for a free back rub, candlelit dinner, romantic movie, etc.
  2. Love Notes – Make a dozen small notes letting your sweetheart know just how much they mean to you and place them in his suit jacket, wallet, briefcase, laptop, etc. on Valentine’s Day morning.
  3. Breakfast in Bed – Make a special breakfast on Valentine’s Day and serve it in bed.  If your mornings are hectic, try an overnight slow cooker breakfast casserole, or have breakfast for dinner and retire early.
  4. Gift Songs/Apps – Send your sweetie some romantic tunes or gift them an app they have been waiting to get.
  5. Words to Live By – Is there a favorite saying or quote that your Valentine adores?  Print it out and frame it in a decorative frame for their desk or office wall.
  6. Memory Frame – On a square piece of paper, write your sweetheart’s name in the center.  Around it, write words that will trigger memories of fun times that you have spent together.  Frame it and enjoy laughing over the memories that surface when you give it to him.
  7. Candlelit Dinner – Pull out that fancy tablecloth and get your dining room ready for a candlelit dinner.  If you do not have time to cook a big meal when you get home, put a slow cooker meal on that will be ready when you get home.
  8. eReader – If your sweetie loves to read, consider one of the versatile eReaders on the market.  With prices having dropped in the last few months, a basic eReader is about the same price as 5-7 new paperback books!
  9. A Jar of Fun – Give your Valentine a jar of romantic fun.  Inside a clean jar or plastic can (coffee cans work well), place small vouchers for fun excursions, nights in, or homemade treats.
  10. 52 Reasons Why I Love You – Get a deck of cards and on each card write a reason why you love your Valentine.  You could also include surprises like, “This card is worth dinner at a restaurant of your choice” or “You pick the movie, I’ll make the popcorn.”  Have fun with it!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is not a day that celebrates how much “stuff” you give.  It is about how much you love your significant other.  Gifts are great, but the spirit of Valentine’s Day should be celebrated all year long.


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