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December 27, 2017

10 Center Ideas for the 100th Day of School

Written By: Brandi Jordan
10 100th Day of School Center Ideas -

10 100th Day of School Center Ideas

Turn your classroom into a 100th Day Celebration Extravaganza this year by setting up 10 terrific stations centered on 100.  If setting up 10 stations seems too daunting, set-up five and have another teacher at the same grade level set-up five in her classroom.  Your students can complete the activities in your classroom and then you can switch classrooms in the afternoon to finish the others.  Use the ideas below to get started, but be sure to share your fun 100th Day center ideas too!

10 Center Ideas for the 100th Day of School


In this activity, students are encouraged to write down 100 things about themselves.  Favorite food, book, movie, etc. can all be included.  Hang the completed sheets (with names written on the back) on a bulletin board and encourage students to guess who is who.


Divide and Conquer

With a jar or basket filled with 100 different items, have students sort based on size, shape, color, or other characteristic.  Create a simple recording sheet where they can write down how they sorted and the number of items that were in each group.


In 100…

What time will it be in 100 minutes?  What will the date be in 100 days?  How old will you be in 100 years?  Those are only some of the questions students can answer as they figure out 100 “somethings” from where they are while completing the center.


100 Things I’ve Learned This Year

Encourage students to record 100 things that they have learned so far during the year.  Provide prompts about material covered and experiences that they have had in the classroom.  If 100 is too many, ask them to list 10.


If I Had $100…

Students love to dream about what they would do if they had $100 to spend and the 100th Day is the perfect time to tap into their creativity.  Have them write down what they would do with the money and why.  As a twist to the idea, encourage them to write about which charity they would donate the money to if they were given the money for that purpose only.


100 Words Around Us

The classroom is filled with words, students just have to find them.  Have students make a list of 100 words that they see in the classroom and create a class list at the end of the day to find out how many words were spotted altogether.


100 Pennies Pit

Without looking, students must take turns reaching into a large tub or basket filled with all sorts of items to find 100 pennies.  See who can find all 100 in less than 100 seconds.


100 Miles from Here

Use a regional map and have students measure out 100 miles from where they live.  Then ask them to give the longitude and latitude, describe which route they would take to get there, and what they mind find once they are there based on the rivers, streams, lakes, etc. near the 100 mile mark.


100 Exercises

Have students repeat 10 jumping jacks and 10 sit-ups until they get to 100.


10 Seconds

Experiment with marbles and rain gutters and have students figure out a way to slow a marble down so that it takes 10 seconds for it to get from one end of the gutter to the other.  What angle will the gutter need to be at?  What happens if the angle is too steep or not steep enough?


10 100th Day of School Center Ideas -

What are some of your favorite 100th Day activities?  Share them with us below! 



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  • Jdupuis
    January 6, 2018

    I love the 100 words!

  • Jessica Desroches
    December 2, 2012

    I like the many 100th day ideas. One activity I will do wothe my K stidents will be to make Fruit Loop necklaces. The children will sort by color and count by 10 before lacing thier loops. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gloria Wilson
    November 27, 2012

    These are great ideas to plan ahead to actually have completed by the 100th day of school. Then the class can celebrate all their accomplishments. I loved these ideas.

  • Amanda Lawson
    May 11, 2012

    My kids love the 100th day and I learned some great new ways to celebrate the 100th day with my students.

  • Amy
    January 29, 2012

    Thanks for the new ideas! I was looking for an extra center or two to liven up our 100th Day celebration this week! And those ideas I can’t use this year, we will definitely use for next year!

  • Tammy Farhit
    January 22, 2012

    I assign a “100 Item” project to my first grades around the 90th Day of School. They work hard at home creating something out of 100 objects. We have such fun sharing their creativity and projects on the 100th Day. Some of my favorites have been a 100 toothpick porcupine made out of clay and toothpicks, a stuffed 100 eye teddy bear, and one student did a U.S. Map marking the 100 most populated cities. My students totally get into the project and they celebrate and learn about 100 in new and creative ways!

  • Katie Neustadter
    January 15, 2012

    Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!! One of them will absolutely be used in my classroom!

  • Paula
    January 15, 2012

    In Kindergarten we always make a cake for the 100th day. We use two small loaf plans as a number one and two 8 inch round pans for the zeros. I use a cup to cut the center out of the cirlces to look like a zero. The kids then help frost and decorate the cake. I use disposible pans so clean up is simple!

  • Brian Hopkins
    January 13, 2012

    Wow you gave me a lot of awesome new ideas to try!!! Back when I taught Kindergarten I had the children bring in 100 of some kind of small item and they grouped them by 10’s and then counted and then made groups of 5’s and counted! I had extra sets of 100 for those that didn’t bring in anything.

  • Joan Buckley
    January 13, 2012

    My kinders use a sentence strip to make a hat. They decorate it (in s supervised small group activity) by making tallies ( groups of 2 fives in one color, circled to show a “ten”) to 100. It is adjusted to fit their heads, stapled, and then the numerals 1 0 0 are glued on so that the zeros hang over their eyes like glasses.

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