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July 17, 2015

10 Must-Have Supplies for the Art Station

Written By: Early Childhood
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X Supplies for the Preschool Art Station

Supplies for the Preschool Art Station


Art is essential for developing imagination and expanding creativity in early learners. Allowing children to express themselves visually can help children grow both mentally and physically. By connecting with children and encouraging art exploration through various projects, preschoolers gain important skills, develop innovative thinking, and enhance their fine motor skills. To facilitate growth and development through creativity, every preschool center must have an area dedicated specifically to art.   Here is a list of the 10 must-have supplies for the art station.

10 Must-Have Supplies for the Art Station

1. Paper

Every art station needs construction paper!

Paper, paper, and more paper! Regular white paper, construction paper, contact paper, poster board, tissue paper and card stock are all great to have on hand. Any kind of paper that can be drawn on, colored on, cut up, and glued on, and maybe even transformed (like origami), will get imaginations going.


2. Coloring tools

Every art station needs colored pencils!

There are many different types of coloring tools to choose from for the art center. Crayons are the most popular, available in an assortment of colors and types such as washable crayons, glitter crayons, and erasable crayons. Colored pencils, markers, and chalk are also other options that could be used, as well.

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