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May 17, 2013

12 Summer Learning Ideas to Send Home with Free Printable

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
X 12 Summer Learning Ideas for Kids with a Free Printable

12 Summer Learning Ideas for Kids with a Free Printable

by Lori Wolfe, Guest Columnist

Summer is almost here!

Parents and students always look forward to summer. Many times parents ask us for ideas of things they can do at home with their children to keep them learning. I like to send home a list of things to do during the summer that will keep learning going all season long.

Parents can make summer exciting for their kids by having weekly activities that they look forward to. Check out the following great weekly activities parents can choose from and print out the list at the end to send home with your students.


Summer Learning Ideas for Kids

Library Time!

Go to the public library once a week.  Most libraries have summer reading programs that students can participate in at no cost.

Old and Young!

Visit a senior center once a week and read someone there a book.

Estimate It!

Keep an estimation jar and have your kids guess the amount once a week! Make sure they count the beans, rocks, etc. to verify their estimation.

Clean Up Day

Choose a local park to visit weekly. Pick up any trash you find and then have a picnic!

Journal Time

Once a week have your child write in a summer journal. Orally review the week together and then give your child time to write about the events of the past week.

Wrap It Up!

At the beginning of the summer pick out 8 to 10 books that your child wants to read. Wrap them up in gift-wrap and once a week let your child chose the book he/she will read for that week.

Game Day!

Reserve one day a week for game day. Gather together several games and let your children choose which game they want to play. Young children can build math skills by playing go fish or concentration with a simple deck of cards.

Research It!

Catch bugs and research them with you kids! Great fun and builds investigation skills in your children.

Put on a Play!

Once a week read a play with your children. Dress up and act it out. This is a great way to continue literacy during the summer.

Local Museum

Call your local museum and ask when they offer free hours. In the summer many museums offer free hours and days.

Lemonade Stand!

Teach your child about money and responsibility by having a lemonade stand once a week during specific hours. Shopping, counting change, and determining profit are all great Math skills for your child!

Keep in Touch!

Let your kid write a family newsletter once a week. This is a great way to learn about summarizing as they describe the weeks activities. Kids can type up the newsletter, add photos and send them out to all the grandparents.


Click here for a print out of these activities you can send home!

What are some of your favorite summer activities you send home to parents?


Happy Teaching!




About the Author

Lori WolfeLori Wolfe has taught English Language Development, bilingual 1st & 2nd grades, and as a Title I Reading and Math specialist.  She also presents professional development workshops, develops curriculum and blogs. Follow her blogs at Fun To Teach ESL and Fun To Teach Math Blog for more great teaching ideas, tips, freebies and more. You can also find Fun To Teach on Facebook.

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