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May 3, 2017

3 End of the Year Bulletin Board Ideas for June

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
June Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

June Bulletin Board Ideas

June is fast approaching! Do you have your bulletin board planned out for the month? Whether you are looking for an inspiring end of the year bulletin board or a way to jump start student learning in your year round school, the ideas below will get you started on constructing a memorable and interactive display.

June Bulletin Board Ideas

Sentence Picnic Bulletin Board

International Picnic Day is June 18th, and a picnic theme lends itself perfectly to an interactive language bulletin board. With this board, your students will explore the parts of a basic sentence and be able to create their own. Begin by covering the board in a red and white checkered tablecloth. Do not be afraid to use fabric instead of paper for bulletin boards. It adds great texture and visual interest, and can be re-used for other purposes.

After the board is covered, staple large, black ant cut-outs around the edge and the title, “Sentence Picnic” somewhere near the top. Cut a large, sturdy paper plate in half. Label the plate halves “Subject” and “Predicate” in bold, black marker and staple them to the board leaving the wide opening at the top.  Cut out 20 different picnic food shapes (i.e. – hot dogs, cake, potato chips, etc.) from thick construction paper or card stock.   If drawing is not your forte, print out templates on your computer directly onto card stock. Divide the shapes into groups of 10. Label the first set with different subjects and the second set with predicates. Laminate the shapes and place them in the appropriate pockets.   Students will then be able to create different sentences, some of them inevitably silly, using the cut-outs. Invite students to explore the board as part of a center, during free time or as an extra activity. They can record their sentences in a Center Journal or in a designated “Sentence Picnic” booklet that you create. It is fun, learning and a colorful classroom all in one!

June Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Lost and Found Bulletin Board

This fun, interactive bulletin board is a great way to make students more aware of the things they leave behind and how different things can be connected. Chances are that at the end of the year there will be some things left in the class lost and found box. Unclaimed mittens, a lonely hair clip and even a stray shoe are perfect tools for this bulletin board display. Cover the bulletin board in plain paper and staple “Lost and Found” on as the title. Staple a pocket folder at the bottom of the board to store papers that the students will need for the activity. Using push pins, randomly hang the class lost and found items on the board. Then, cover the rest of the board with other colorful objects, such as: a pencil, a shoelace, and a toy rubber duck. Continue hanging random items until the board is covered in a cavalcade of color and visual interest. In the folder, place a laminated instruction card and lined notebook paper. The instructions should read something like this: “Welcome to the Lost and Found! Your task today is to pick five random objects and incorporate them into a humorous, creative story. Use the paper in the folder to write your rough draft. When you have finished your rough draft, place it in [wherever you have students place their writing].” You will be amazed at the clever stories children can weave when given the opportunity to do so with this end of the year activity board!


Old Glory Bulletin Board

June is the perfect month for celebrating the flag. With Memorial Day at the end of May and Independence Day at the beginning of July, June manages to sandwich in Flag Day on the 14th. Cover the board in fabric depicting the American flag, or in plain red, white or blue paper. Decorate the board with photos and print-outs of the evolution of the American flag. Create a fact sheet or small blurbs about the flag and attach them to the board near the pictures. Include a pamphlet or instructions about proper flag folding and care, if available. While the bulletin board will be a colorful decoration for the classroom wall, it can also be turned into a learning center. Three activities that can be included are: coloring a flag print-out and labeling the meaning of each part, writing a short story from the point of view of the American flag (where it has been, what it has seen, etc.), and creating a quiz for other students or family members about the flag’s history and proper care. Your room will take on a patriotic feel and your students will learn important information about our country’s flag.



What are some of your favorite bulletin board ideas for the end of the year/June? Share with us!

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