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August 21, 2017

3 Spelling and Sight Word Practice Activities and Games

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 3 Spelling and Sight Word Practice Activities and Games

3 Spelling and Sight Word Practice Activities and Games

Are you ready for some new spelling and sight word activities for the new school year?  Break free of traditional ideas and try these three teacher-tested and approved activities below.  They are sure to increase students’ spelling and sight word retention, as well as, improve test scores!

Spelling and Sight Word Practice Activities and Games

Missing Word Mysteries 

“Every Monday I introduce our new sight words for the week,” says Judy, a 1st Grade Teacher from Kohler, WI.  “Before the students arrive, I write a paragraph about one of the students on the board. The paragraph includes some blank lines similar to those lines used in the game of Hangman (one for each letter in a word) to indicate the spellings of some missing words. I provide students with a paper numbered and lined to match the number and lines featured in the missing words. We read the story together and then students help guess the missing words. Over time, as they learn to count the number of letters in each word and read the sentences carefully, my students are pleased to realize they’ve become better and better at guessing and spelling each missing word. As an extension activity I have students each work with a partner to alphabetize the sight words on the same sheets of paper they used to list the words.”


This online program is accessible from computers and mobile devices.  Students can practice spelling words from pre-made lists or from teacher-created lists at home or at school.  The site can be found at

Add Them Up

“After my students write their spelling words, I have them count the number of letters in each word, then add to and then subtract that sum from a base of 25,” explains Debbie, a 2nd Grade Teacher in Staffordsville, KY.  “For example, if a spelling word has 8 letters, students add 25 + 8 and then subtract 8 from 25. My students enjoy making addition and subtraction equations based on their spelling words. They need to spell the words correctly for the math to be correct, too. You can change the base number up or down from 25. Remember that using single digit base numbers can result in negative number differences.”


What are some of your favorite spelling activities?  Share them with us below!


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