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March 10, 2017

4 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Easter Crafts for the Classroom

Easter Crafts for Kids for the Classroom
Before you know it Easter will be here. Stop the last minute dash for craft ideas with one of the four fun ideas below. They can be easily adapted for the youngest learners and are quick to delight even those tough Fifth Graders. Even better, they are easy on your wallet and make use of common items.

Easter Crafts for the Classroom

Beautiful Bouquets

It is rare to find a holiday that calls for the consumption or decoration of eggs in quite the same way that Easter does. Instead of throwing out those old foam egg cartons, use them to make beautiful bouquets of flowers. Wash out the foam cartons with hot, soapy water before you bring them in to school. If your students are young, you may want to cut apart the cups beforehand, as well. Older students can cut their own egg cups from the carton if you desire. Have students cut the tops of the cups to resemble tulips or roses. For a more involved project, have students paint the cups and let them dry overnight. If you are constrained by time, crayons, permanent markers or colored pencils can be used to add a bit of decoration. After the cups are completed, poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup and slide a pipe cleaner through it. Pull the pipe cleaner up above the top of the cup and twist the top to prevent it from sliding back through the cup when you pull it down. Make a bunch of flowers and tie them together with a pretty length of ribbon.


Bunny Ears

This simple craft makes bunny ears fun! Using long, white construction paper, cut lengthwise strips that are approximately 3-inches wide. Use them to form the headband for the ears. Next, using white card stock, cut out two ear rabbit ear shapes. Let students color the center of each ear pink, or glue pink construction paper to the center. Staple the ears to the headband and you are ready to go. Be sure to take a class picture and send it to parents via email or post it to your password protected class blog.


Felt Peeping Chick


Easter Bunny Bookmarks

There are a lot of templates out there for adorable bookmarks, but this one is too cute to pass up. Print out the downloadable template on card stock and your students will have bunny bookmarks in no time. Not only is it a great craft, but it is also a perfect opportunity for young students to practice their fine motor skills with cutting.


Ask your students to bring items in from home, or ask other teachers in your building to save supplies for you. If possible, post your craft supply needs on a bulletin board in the teachers’ lounge or a community Freecycle board. Be creative with the supplies that you already have on hand, as they may be able to be substituted for the things that the crafts call for (i.e. – construction paper instead of felt, etc.).

Easter Crafts for the Classroom
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