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July 17, 2013

5 Ideas for Celebrating the Student of the Week

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Student of the Week Celebration Ideas

Student of the Week Celebration Ideas

If you celebrate a “Student of the Week” each week, it is a great way to make each child in your class feel extra-special.  Starting off the celebrations early can set the tone for the rest of the school year.  It not only makes children feel incredibly special, it gives them something to look forward to all year long.

The key to a successful year of “Student of the Week” activities is to plan out the school year and assign each child to a week.  Be mindful of holidays, wintry weather possibilities, and testing time.  During the first week of school (or even beforehand), send home a list of assigned weeks.  If you have a class blog, it is also a good idea to post the information there.  Do not forget to send home a reminder email, text, or phone call the week before to give families a heads-up.  A gentle reminder home can mean the difference between a successful week and one that falls flat.


Student of the Week Celebration Ideas

Idea #1:  Student of the Week Bulletin Board

Create a special bulletin board that is dedicated to honoring the student of the week.  If you do not have extra wall space, use a large piece of foam board covered in fabric or paper.  Use bulletin board lettering to proclaim it the “Student of the Week” board.  Place it on an easel or along the whiteboard edge.


Idea #2:  All About Me

Send home an all-about me poster the Friday before the student’s special week.  Ask them to work with their family to color, decorate, and fill-in their poster.  When the poster comes back in on Monday morning, hang it on the Student of the Week Board.  Have the student talk about what they have included during a special sharing time.


Idea #3:  Student of the Week Crown

A paper crown with the student’s name and “Student of the Week” is an easy and inexpensive way to add that little something extra to the week’s festivities.

Student of the Week Ideas - Book Picks


Idea #4:  Student of the Week Book Recommendation

Every child has a favorite book and when a student is the Student of the Week it is the perfect time to share.  Have the child bring in (or get from the classroom library) his favorite book and place it in a large book bag.  Place or hang the book bag by the Student of the Week board and encourage other students to read it throughout the week.  Allow the student to explain why it is his favorite book and give a brief oral report.


Idea #5:  Lunch with the Teacher

Let each student of the week invite two friends to have lunch with you and him in the classroom.  This special lunch is a great way to get to know your student a bit better and make him feel special.  Keep a bag or basket with a vinyl tablecloth, colorful paper plates and napkins, and a fun centerpiece in your classroom closet to re-use each week.


How do you celebrate your student of the week?  Share your ideas with us below!

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