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July 16, 2018

5 Products That Make Teaching STEM Easier!

Written By: Laura

Teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have a strong background. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, here are 5 products that can help you teach STEM!STEM

5 Products That Make Teaching STEM Easier:

1. Learning with STEM Two-Sided Cardstock Desktop Helpers™ with Sleeves

Supply students with a reference for STEM activities. This two-sided desktop helper features information that students can reference, including a breakdown of the engineering process, a ruler, questions to start thinking, standard and metric measurements and more!


2.  Learning with STEM 10-in-1 Poster Set

Help to guide students through STEM challenges with these interactive posters. The mini posters slip in to the larger poster, and prompt students to decide what they know and what they need to research, to record information and to evaluate their work. Write directly on the mini posters with dry erase markers and wipe off to use again.


3. Celebrate STEM! Kit

These incentives can help spark interest in STEM! Reward the efforts of your students with this collection of homework passes, stickers, punch cards, and more!  Perfect for organizing a STEM Fair or STEM Night!


4. Group-Materials Stackable Trays

Make STEM supply storage simple! These clear, stackable bins are perfect for keeping STEM materials because you can store group materials and distribute them easily. These stackable bins help save space too!


5. STEM Journals and Folder Kit

Enable students to record, evaluate and organize STEM activities! With the ability to record up to 16 STEM activities in these structured journals, students can keep the data that they collect like, category, design, plans, and diagrams. These journals also provide room for students to evaluate their work. The journals fit perfectly into the accompanying folders, so that students can keep all of the materials and their data in one safe, organized place.


Do you need supplies and ideas for experiments? Check out our all new Steve Spangler Science line, with over 100 amazing products and activity guides to help you create unforgettable learning experiences!

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