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November 1, 2017

5 Tips to Stay Calm and Teach On

Written By: Chandra Dills

Teaching can be completely exhausting, incredibly draining and overwhelming. I am ten years in and there are some days I wonder if I am going to make it another twenty. Although this job can be difficult, there are some important things you can do to stay calm and teach on!

Stay Positive

Sometimes it gets really easy to get sucked into the venting, gossip, and negativity in a school building. But, what does that really ever get you? When you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s so important to stay positive! Start by finding one positive thing from each day and writing it down. Maybe it’s a simple smile from a sweet student, or a student finally having a light bulb moment, or maybe you just had a really good cup of coffee in the morning- whatever it is, write it down! Then, whenever you are having a rough day, you can go back to these sweet moments and smile!


Data. Lesson Plans. Conferences. The list goes on, and on, and on. Even when you cross a million things off your to-do list, there are a million more things waiting for you. It’s so important to prioritize and start with the most important things.  Your list may not look the exact same as the teacher next door, and that’s okay. Focus on what is important to you! It’s so important to start small, and do one thing well instead of doing a million different things not so well!


Be Prepared

In order to keep yourself from going crazy (or crazier), make sure you are prepared! Keeping a detailed planner has helped me keep my school life and home life much more organized. There are so many different meetings, after school activities, and due dates that I literally could not keep up with everything if it were not for my planner. My planner travels with me from home to school each and every day and I use it for everything from staff meetings to doctor’s appointments.

Personal Time

Sometimes, you really just need some time to yourself. Whether it’s getting a pedicure, taking a bubble bath, or going on a walk, you just need to clear your head and spend some quality time with yourself! However, sometimes when I get overwhelmed I really need to clean my house. It’s not one of my favorite things to do, but having a messy house really stresses me out. I feel like I can get so much more accomplished with a clean house. So, whether it’s something fun or something to easy your mind and help you cross off items from your to-do list, make sure you take some time for you!


And, when you feel like you’ve got nothing left in you- don’t give up! You’ve got this and this is just one little piece of your entire life. Even though it might feel SO big, just remember what is important and just keep going!

How do you keep from getting overwhelmed throughout the school year?

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