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March 4, 2019

5 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters in the Classroom

Written By: Erika Silano

Magnetic letters are an elementary classroom must-have! There are so many fun and exciting ways to use them to build solid foundational skills with your students.

No need to get stuck doing the same thing year after year. Mix it up with our top five magnetic letter activities:

1. Discovery Bottle

Add uncooked rice and magnetic letters into an empty plastic bottle. Students can shake and discover the letters hidden inside.

uppercase magnetic letters

Build your students’ letter identification skills, letter-sound correspondence and phonics skills! It’s a great way to make your literary center more engaging.

2. Name-Building Kit

Use pencil pouches or zip-lock bags to make personalized name-building kits for your students. Just add the magnetic letters of the student’s name, an index card with the name printed on it for reference, and you’re ready to go! Add the letters of the last name to increase the difficulty. A great morning work activity for Pre-K or kindergarten students.

3. Magnet Tray Letter Matching

Have students match letters of the alphabet or build words on a magnetic surface. Try our no prep options like Alphabet Arcs, Magnetic Alphabet Charts, Read, Build, and Write Boards or MAGtivity™ Tins.

using magnetic letters in the classroom

Hands-on activities are great for literacy centers or teacher table work. You might even use the side of your file cabinet, front of your desk, or whiteboard if those surfaces are magnetic.

4. Fishing Game

Get your students up and moving while incorporating foundational skills practice. Scatter magnetic letters on the ground or in a bin, attach a paper clip or magnet to a string and let the fishing begin! Students can dangle the string to “catch” different letters. Your students will be so excited to catch letters they won’t realize they are practicing important skills.

magnetic letters in the classroom

You can increase difficulty by adding uppercase letters, magnetic sight words, or even Spanish alphabet letters.

spanish magnetic letters

5. Sensory Bin with Magnet Letters and Wands

Add whatever sensory fill you desire – shredded paper, beads, or sand – to your sensory table. Don’t forget to add your magnetic letters! Arm students with magnet wands and let them explore, dig, and search for the letters of their name, sight words, or spelling words.

magnetic wand

Whichever ways you choose to use your magnetic letters, remember to have fun!

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