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April 21, 2015

End of Year Gift for Students: A Poetic Send Off

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
X End of Year Gift for Students


End of Year Gift for Students

Finding end of the year gifts for your students that they’ll both appreciate and that fit your budget isn’t always an easy task.  Sometimes, however, it’s the simple gestures and personal touches that make for the best gifts.  Mary Lou, a Second Grade teacher in Washington, spends time at the end of each school year making sure her students know how much they mean to her.  By combining warm well wishes with a poetic flair, she sums up the year (and the child!) with her kind words.  It’s truly an end of the year send-off that will stay with her students forever.


End of Year Gift for Students

Students in Mary Lou’s 2nd Grade class in Maple Valley, Washington, graduate to third grade knowing just how much they meant to her.  Here’s how Mary Lou takes the time to make sure each child knows that he holds a special place in her heart in this end of the year activity.

“Each year, I bid good-bye to my students in a unique and memorable way.  First, I use a software greeting card program to easily create a custom card for each child.

Along with goodwill wishes for the future, I include an acrostic poem created with the letters of each child’s first name.

Then, I enclose a photo of the child with me standing in the garden in front of our school. My students love their good-bye gifts!

They serve as lasting reminders that we spent an awesome year together and we will always remain in each other’s hearts.”


What’s your favorite end of the year gift for students?  Share with us below or head on over to the Really Good Teacher Forums to share your thoughts and ideas!

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