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August 13, 2013

Alphabet and Number Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X Alphabet and Number Bulletin Board Ideas

ABC and 123 Alphabet Bulletin Board Ideas

A-B-C, easy as Do-re-mi, simple as 1-2-3…okay, maybe your classroom does not resemble a Jackson 5 song, but the lyrics are catchy and perfect for the bulletin board ideas below.  They focus on the fundamental components of language and math – better known as ABCs and 123s.  Give your students a firm foundation and constant reminder of the basics using these fun and colorful suggestions.

Fun Alphabet and Number Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Gallon Man Bulletin Board Idea

ABCs & 123s - Bulletin Board IdeasHow many pints are in a quart?  How many quarts are in a gallon?  Give your students a visual reminder of the quantities with Gallon Man!  On a bulletin board covered in plain paper or fabric, hang Gallon Man in the center of the board.  Use the two anchor charts when explaining the measurements and how they relate to one another.  Have students create their own “Gallon Man” for extra practice.  You might also create a hallway display featuring the original Gallon Man and his “Mini-Me” Gallon Men to showcase your students’ understanding.


Seuss-Inspired Word Wall Bulletin Board

Word walls are an important part of any elementary classroom.  This year, create a word wall with a bit of Seussical inspiration.  Outline your board with Dr. Seuss ABC Trim and use the Dr. Seuss Punch-Out Letters with their fun red and white stripes to represent the letters of the alphabet.  Be sure to use either a plain color paper or fabric as the background so it is not visually overwhelming for your little learners.


Just the Facts Bulletin Board

It is easy to forget that sometimes students need a simple, clutter-free spot where they can focus on a number line or the alphabet.  Create this space for your students by hanging the Number Line Bulletin Board Set featuring positive and negative numbers at the front of your classroom. For the alphabet equivalent on the opposite side of the room, the Alphabet Line is equally as crisp and clear.  Remember that creating a visual display for students sometimes means creating a clean, uncluttered spot that focuses on the key aspects of their educational foundation – in this case, numbers and letters.  Sometimes, less is definitely more.


How do you create simple yet effective visual displays for your students?  Share with us below!

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