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March 16, 2016

April Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X April Bulletin Board Ideas

April Bulletin Board Ideas

Ah, April….Spring is in the air and students are focused on learning.  Okay, the smells of Spring are in the air, but as any teacher knows, the season can also bring the wiggles.  This month’s bulletin boards are designed to be help re-focus students with a little bit of whimsy.  Take a moment to step off the beaten path and plunge into some good, old-fashioned, hands-on learning and character building fun with these April bulletin board ideas!


April Bulletin Board Ideas

Round ‘em Up, Cowboy!

Bring the Wild West to your classroom with a “Roundup of Reading”!  Cover the bulletin board with plain brown paper and decorate it with Western-themed bulletin board decor.  Have students write their favorite book and author on a covered wagon cut-out and create a mini-display of recommended books.  When students are reading one of the books suggested, they can hang their Sheriff’s badge cut-outs on the covered wagon.  Encourage them to keep a reading journal that chronicles their journey through the books.  Make sure to have the books in as many different formats as possible and in a variety of reading level to accommodate all of the students in class.


Monkeying Around

Curbing Spring wiggles is never easy, but instead of fighting against it, channel it into an opportunity to accentuate the positive.  On your bulletin board’s light green backdrop hang a monkey border and monkey and banana cutouts.  Encourage your students to channel their energy into doing things for others.  Label the monkeys with things such as “Shared the Most Smiles”, “Helped a Friend in Need”, “Stood Up for What Was Right,” etc.  At the end of the week, hang a student’s name next to each act of kindness.  Be sure to have an equal number of positive behaviors and students, so that everyone can be rewarded for doing good.  The next week you may find it becomes a competition among students to see who can be more kind.


Outside the Box for Spelling Word Practice

Bulletin boards are great, but sometimes you need to create a space where students can work and manipulate letter tiles for word building practice.  Instead of trying to turn a large wall bulletin board into a workspace, use the side of your tall filing cabinet instead.  In the past you may have had to tape a border up to make the area look like the workspace you had in mind.  Instead of taping a border, use a magnetic border that will give you the same designated workspace area but without the hassle.  Magnetic letter tiles can then be hung within the space on the filing cabinet for easy word practice.  Write or print the week’s spelling words on index cards and hang them on a colorful ring next to the practice area.  During center time or when students finish their work early, they can have an extra area to practice their words.



What are some of your favorite bulletin board ideas for April?  Share them with us!




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