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March 24, 2017

April Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
APRIL Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom - ReallyGoodTeachers

April Bulletin Board Ideas - ReallyGoodTeachers

Spring has sprung and those winter-themed bulletin boards are a thing of the past!  Make April’s bulletin boards a testament to bright colors and engaged learning with the ideas below.  They are sure to put a smile on your face every time you see them!

April Bulletin Board Ideas

Crazy Colors

Let your littlest learners get some hands on training with interactive bulletin boards with a crazy colors display.  Cover the board in white paper and in the center put a giant color wheel.  It can display the primary colors, primary and secondary, or as many colors as you choose.  In front of the board have a small table set up with old magazines, child-safe scissors and sticky tack.  Instruct your students to find things in the magazines that are the same colors as those on the board, cut them out and tack them to the wall.  By the time the entire class has completed the center, your bulletin board will be a cheerful and colorful display.  Note: You may need to replace the magazines every day or every other day to provide fresh material for your students.


Baseball Believers

Fact vs. opinion.  It is a concept that students struggle with, but that you can make easier with a Baseball Believers bulletin board.  Celebrate the start of baseball season by covering your bulletin board in baseball print fabric.  Cut out a baseball diamond from construction paper and place it in the center of the board.  Put tips for distinguishing facts in the infield and tips for opinions in the outfield.  You can make it a stand-alone bulletin board that just displays the information.  Or make it interactive by having students write on cut-out baseball shapes their own facts and opinions about a current event.  The students’ work can then be placed on the board in the infield or outfield.


Testing Tips

No one loves testing, but it is a fact of life for schools across the country.  Help ease students’ test anxiety by creating a bulletin board that lists test taking strategies and ways to ease their worries.  Cover the board in plain paper or fabric and place a cut-out of a student in the center.  On one side of the student have geometric shapes that have test taking tips written on them.  Things like “Read the question all the way through before answering” and “Take your time” are perfect reminders.  On the other side of the student, have shapes that list relaxation tips.  “Take a deep breath” and “Roll your shoulders” will help students keep testing in perspective.


APRIL Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom - ReallyGoodTeachers

Share your bulletin board pictures with us on Facebook!  We would love to see how you use the ideas above to enhance your classroom.

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