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August 11, 2017

Beyond the Pencil – 5 Ideas for Writing Practice Fun

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Writing Practice Ideas for the Classroom

Writing Practice Ideas for the Classroom

Move beyond plain pencils and paper and make writing practice fun!  The five ideas below are sure to have your students clamoring for more practice time.  The kinesthetic component of the ideas is great for beginning learners, as well as, ESL/ELL students. Fine motor skills practice, here we come!

Writing Practice Ideas

1.  Dry Erase Boards and Markers

Today’s dry erase products are perfect for practicing writing.  Whether you have students practicing how to write their letters or spell their spelling words for extra practice, dry erase boards are fun and functional.  While they normally just come in white, there are black dry erase boards that make writing especially fun.  Combine them with neon dry erase markers and even your most resistant writers will enjoy using them!

2.  Shaving Cream

Not only is shaving cream the perfect alternative to a sheet of paper and a pencil when it comes to practicing writing, it also gets your tables and desks clean!  Simply squirt a dollop of shaving cream in front of each child, have them spread it around in a small circle, and then practice writing their letters, spelling words, name, numbers, etc. in it.  Be sure to stress that the shaving cream should stay on the table or desk and should never be put near the face.  A stickier, but tastier alternative is to use whipped cream instead.

3.  Paint with Water

Grab those paintbrushes and cups of water and head outdoors to the playground or sidewalk.  Let students practice their writing by painting the words with water on the concrete.  Inexpensive foam brushes work well for making big, bold letters.

4.  Window Fun

You will have the most colorful windows around when your students are practicing their writing on the classroom windows.  Use erasable window markers or window crayons for writing practice fun.  It is a great way to make every space in the classroom perfect for learning!

5.  Super Sand

A sandbox never goes out of style – especially when you use it as a creative writing space!  Students can practice their number and letter writing in a desk-size sandbox that is made for little fingers.  The tactile component of the box makes it great for those learners who need to feel, as well as, see their writing efforts.


What are some of your favorite writing practice tips and tricks?  Share them with us below!


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