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January 14, 2013

Bulletin Board Ideas for February

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
Bulletin Board Ideas for February -

February Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Jazz up those bulletin boards with some fun new ideas for February.  From music to turtles to frogs, February is brimming with colorful and interesting boards.  Check out the ideas below to get started!

February Bulletin Board Ideas

Hopping to 100 Books

Even if the 100th Day of School has passed, you can still reinforce math and reading skills with a board that focuses on both.  Cover a board with plain blue paper and at the top label it with “We’re Hopping Our Way to 100 Books”.  Cut out small lily pads and place them in an envelope or basket below the board.  Track how many books have been read by students during the month by having them fill out a lily pad with the title and author of each book they read.  After they fill out a lily pad they can hang it on the bulletin board.  Number the lily pads as they are hung to keep track of how many have been read so far and how many you have left to go.  Create a daily math problem to coordinate the bulletin board to help reinforce math skills.


It’s What’s Inside That Matters

February is a great time to talk about the similarities between students and how, in many ways, we are all the same.  Have students cut out turtles from plain manila folders.  Line the top edge of the shell up along the fold of the folder so that when the turtle is cut out, you can open it like a card.  Have students write down words to describe themselves on the inside of the turtle.  They can write about their family, favorite vacation spots, hobbies, etc.  When they are finished, have them color and decorate the front of the turtle card.  Hang the turtles on a blue bulletin board background with the sign “It’s What’s Inside That Matters” at the top.  Stress that while each turtle is unique and beautiful, on the inside they all have a lot in common.  Encourage students to get to know “what’s inside” their classmates.


Jazz Hands

Music classes all across the country are being cut out of the school day thanks to budget cuts.  Bring some music into your classroom by exploring Jazz in February.  Begin each day by playing some Jazz music and creating a mini-unit that lets students explore different Jazz musicians.  Have students trace one of their hands on a sheet of construction paper.  In the palm write the name of the Jazz artist they chose to study.  On each of the fingers, write a different fact about the artist.  Hang the completed “Jazz Hands” on a bulletin board that has been covered in fabric designed with music notes and trimmed in a black scalloped border.  It is an easy way to combine biography reading with social studies and writing while also decorating your classroom!

Bulletin Board Ideas for February -

What are some of your favorite bulletin board ideas for February?  Share them with us below or on the Really Good Teachers Forums!

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