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November 25, 2016

Combining Art and Poetry in the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Combining Art and Poetry in the Classroom -

Combining Art and Poetry in the Classroom

Poetry is a great way to introduce students to different forms of writing and art.  One of the ways you can jazz up your poetry lessons is by incorporating drawing and mixed media artwork.  For students who are more artistically inclined, the opportunity to draw and create while writing poetry is much appreciated.

Ideas for Poetry-Art Lessons

Have students begin by drawing the animal or object that their poem is going to be about.  Encourage them to stay on topic and write their poems about the drawing that they did.  Around the outer edge of the drawn shape, have them re-copy the poem.  It is a great way to engage those reluctant poetry writers who just happen to be enthusiastic and budding artists.

Guess who poems are also fun and can easily incorporate drawing.  Have students write their poems on one side of the paper and draw the animal or object that is being described in the poem on the other side.  Once completed, gather the poems and copy them to create class poetry books for parent-teacher conferences, the classroom library, or as an end of the year gift.

If you prefer to make the drawing portion of the lesson a bit more formal, or if you just need help with drawing, check out the resources below.  They offer free tutorials that you can share with your class.  Even if you are not the best artist, your students, especially those who love to draw, will appreciate your attempts.


Jan Brett, author of books such as The Mitten, offers great video tutorials for drawing all types of animals.  Find videos for drawing hedgehogs, dolphins, and more are


This dinosaur drawing resource is home to 20 different dinosaur tutorials.  They are perfect for your older elementary or middle school students.


This YouTube video teaches students how to draw an adorable car.  If you cannot access YouTube at school, watch the video beforehand and learn how to draw it yourself.  Your students will be thrilled with your artistic skills!


These tutorials will have your students drawing impressive flowers in no time.  The step-by-step directions outline each aspect of the design.  It makes it easy for even the least artistic of the class to follow.

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate poetry and art?  Do you find that drawing helps your students concentrate and excel?  Share your ideas and thoughts with us below!

Combining Art and Poetry in the Classroom -
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