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November 24, 2013

December Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X December Bulletin Board Ideas

December Bulletin Board Ideas

December is a quick month for teachers across the country as they try to squeeze in  learning between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Changing up the bulletin board to incorporate some timely lesson reinforcement is a great way to make learning come alive during this busy month.


December Bulletin Board Ideas

H.A.M. It Up! Bulletin Board

Theme: Science — Animal Adaptation

Type Of Board: Interactive

Materials Needed:

  • white or brown butcher paper or fabric
  • construction paper
  • sentence strips
  • sticky tack
  • permanent markers
  • file folder
  • animal cutouts

Reinforce the idea of animal adaptations during the cold winter months by creating a fun and interactive bulletin board. Divide the board into three sections and label them “Hibernate,” “Adapt,” and “Migrate.” Have a file folder attached to the bulletin board that contains different animals. Students then use sticky tack or tape to hang the animals under the correct column. When they are finished, they can either self-check using an answer key, or you can check their work for them.


Shape Up Bulletin Board Idea

Theme: Shapes

Type Of Board: Interactive

Materials Needed:

  • solid color fabric or butcher paper to match your classroom decor
  • index cards
  • construction paper
  • poster board
  • sticky tack

Create a bulletin board using oversized tangram shapes to reinforce the concept of spatial relations. Begin by covering the board in a solid color fabric or paper. Have a set of pictures, created from tangrams, on index cards that have been threaded through a jump-ring. Students pick a card displaying a picture that they would like to make and use the oversized tangrams to create the object. If possible, coordinate the colors of the shapes on the cards to the colors available for the oversized tangrams. Use this as a math center or a free-time center depending on your scheduling needs.


Simply Unique Bulletin Board Idea

Theme: Diversity

Type Of Board: Display

Materials Needed:

  • white copy paper
  • light blue chart paper or fabric
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • dry erase Venn diagram poster

Help melt diversity issues with a bulletin board designed to get students talking more about similarities than differences. Cover the bulletin board with light blue paper or fabric. Hand each student a sheet of white copy paper and ask him or her to describe how their paper is similar to their neighbor’s. Record their answers on the Venn diagram. Next, ask students to fold their paper in half. Some will fold it horizontally and others will fold it vertically. Again, ask students to point out similarities. Instruct them to fold it in order to cut out a snowflake. After their snowflakes are completed, discuss the similarities and differences. Point out that each snowflake began the same way and that while they may all look different, their similarities outweigh their differences. Hang the snowflakes on the bulletin board and title it, “Beautiful Diversity.”

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