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April 30, 2018

End of the School Year Activities

Written By: Erika Silano
X End of School year

End of School year

Every teacher knows they spend a lot of time with the students in their class each school year. To be more exact, the average teacher spends between 900 and 1,000 hours with their class between September and June, according to The Center for Public Education. Wow, that’s a lot of quality time! Teachers often joke that they spend more time with the students in their class than their own families, and honestly, that may be true for some. The great news is that each June, teachers and students get to celebrate all of the learning, hard work, and progress that they have made with end of the year celebrations and activities.

After a long school year, creating and planning activities for an end of the year celebration might be the last thing on your mind. There are always end-of-year assessments, data entry, deadlines, assemblies, and the usual chaos that stands at the forefront, but you still want to do some special activities with your class.  Save time by providing end-of-year activities for your students that are ready to decorate! Here are some exciting ideas that double as great keepsakes:

End of the school year

Build-Your-Own Flip Book™ – End-Of-Year Memory Books
A great way to keep academic s in the picture while still providing an engaging activity for students to work on. Appropriate for grades kindergarten through fifth.

end of the school year

Class Picture Autograph Frames

A picture’s really worth 1,000 words! Use this class picture frame to have students collect friends’ autographs before the last day of school. No prep required!

end of the school year

Ready-To-Decorate® Looking Back On This Year Posters
Students will love decorating their own poster! Have students write about their favorite experiences of the school year, and then decorate the person to look just like them! This activity could make a great end of the year show and tell.

End of the School Year


Autograph Cap Kit
Does your school have a last day of school picnic or field day? If so, these blank hats could be a great idea for your class.  Students will love getting their very own hat… they can add their own name, drawings, or collect friends’ signatures.

end of the school year
Colorations Decorate-Your-Own Craft Kit Bundle

Each student is ending the school year with their own memories. Let your students personalize these ready to decorate craft keepsakes. Students can choose from 3 craft options, including a snow globe, fabric puppy or beach ball!

How are you celebrating the end of the school year with your students?


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