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July 18, 2015

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for September and October

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

Leap into learning fun with some interactive and educational fall bulletin boards.  Not only will your students enjoy a colorful display, but they will be able to learn while interacting with the board.  The ideas below are perfect for fall learning as students transition back into the swing of the school routine.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Fall

Sight Word Sentences Bulletin Board

According to the Common Core Standards, students are to recognize and read grade-appropriate words (Reading Foundational Skills K-5/Phonics and Word Recognition/3).  What better way to help them practice than by turning it into a game!


Cover a bulletin board with plain paper or fabric and trim the edge with a colorful alphabet border.  On the board place 10-20 sight words* (depending on the grade you teach) that your students should know or that they need to practice.  Below the board have a small table set up with lined paper asking them to create sentences using the words on the board.  You can instruct them to make silly sentences for fun or sentences related to a specific topic to test for comprehension.  Challenge students to create at least 10 different sentences that contain the words on display.  You might also want to use spelling words instead of sight words.


A Cup of Kindness Bulletin Board

Stressing the importance of kindness and good character traits in the classroom begins the very first day of school.  In this bulletin board, students contribute acts of kindness that they have either done or been the recipient of throughout the school day.  This is a great bulletin board to relate to the story of Johnny Appleseed and how his acts of kindness helped change the landscape of the country.


Cut out a large tea cup out of poster board and label it “A Cup of Kindness”.  Hang it on a bulletin board covered in paper of your choice and hang a colorful border around the edges.  Cut small pieces of white paper to resemble a sugar cube and place them in a folder under the board.  At the end of the school day, encourage students to record the acts of kindness they have either done or been the recipient of throughout the day.  The sugar cubes then get hung on the bulletin board “in” the teacup.  Set a kindness goal for your students for the week and, on Friday, count to see how many acts of kindness have been recorded.

What Color Would You Be? Bulletin Board

Fall brings with it a beautiful display of colorful leaves and the perfect opportunity to talk with your students about what makes each of them unique.  Pose the question, “If you were a color, which one would you be?” and have them brainstorm what color they might be and why.  Have them write a short response on a construction paper leaf of the same color.  For darker colors, have them write their response on a plain sheet of lined paper, cut it out, and then glue it onto the cut-out leaf shape.


Cover a bulletin board with plain light blue fabric.  In the center, post the words, “If I were a color, I would be…”.  Hang the finished leaves that the students have created around the board to help complete the display.  You may want to have students share their responses before hanging the leaves on the board to practice public speaking.  This is a fun and intriguing bulletin board for Back to School Night, Open House, or Parent-Teacher Conferences.



What are some of your favorite fall bulletin boards?  Share them with us below or on the Really Good Teachers Forums!

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