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May 19, 2017

Family Engagement Through Summer Learning

Written By: Ashley Shanley

Family Engagement and Summer Learning

The end of the school year  is approaching and students cannot wait until summer vacation.  Teachers finally get a break they most definitely deserve (even though they’ll still be working and getting ready for next year!)!  However, parents want to make sure their children don’t forget everything they learned over the school year once their brains turn off school mode and turn on their summer vacation mode.

The Importance of Summer Learning and Family Engagement

Summer is a time for play  and relaxation from school work for kids.  There are so many options that parents can choose from in order to make sure their kids stay active and engaged in some type of academia.  Family engagement can most definitely come from participating in educational activities.  From creating clubs, to using educational apps together, families will create life long memories while teaching their kids the importance of education and families.


Many kids are active in various camps over the summer. Communities all over are beginning to create programs for children to participate in as well as include families for the important engagement that is needed for success. Schools are providing after school  summer programs with certain enrichments allowing kids to stay engaged over the summer months.  Families can be proactive increasing their children’s  skills for the upcoming school year.

Book Clubs

Summer learning doesn’t have to be expensive for families. Create a summer book club with parents and children.  Set weekly goals for all of you to read up to certain chapters, ask each other questions, and make it fun for everyone involved!  It will keep kids up to date with their reading skills as well as engage in responding to topics orally in front of family members.  By creating this book club, kids will be involved with family, friends, and characters from different books which may eventually become their favorite books as time goes on ! It’s also a great way for your children to tackle their summer reading assignments.  And studies have shown that is there is a discussion around the book – like in your family book club – they are more likely to fully grasp the material.


Technology is clearly used in almost every school in today’s world. Over summer, families should limit their child’s screen time.  Make sure that they are spending time with you going over some learning habits, not just staring in front of an iPad screen playing games and different apps.  Some apps may be educational, so during the time kids spend on their electronics, parents should make it a priority  to check in on what children are doing and if they can be apart of an educational app with their child.  Specific apps, such as Starfall and ABCya, for young children can be a great source of educational fun over the summer months.  For older children, or Tynker can get their brains thinking about programming, preparing them for the future.  Parents will be able to be involved in all types of apps and websites with their kids which can create memorable moments in a child’s life as well as a parents.

Ideas for Family Engagement and Summer Learning

Summer vacation is something that everyone looks forward to.  As a parent, keeping your child engaged and up-to-date with their academics is an important task. Creating a laid-back  environment for kids to learn helps them interact with other children as well as unwind from the stressful school year.  Families will be able to create bonds as they engage together involving children and fun educational apps, games, and clubs.

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