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December 3, 2012

“Finger-painted” Snowman Ornaments

Written By: Brandi Jordan
“Finger-painted” Snowman Ornaments -

“Finger-painted” Snowman Ornaments

Looking for a fun craft to do with your students this holiday season? Try this one from Margaret, a Really Good Second Grade Teacher, from Hollis, NH.

Snowman Ornaments for Kids

“Here’s a winter craft that can double as a decorative holiday gift. For each one, you’ll need blue glass or plastic ornament balls (one per student), white tempera paint, permanent black markers, a paintbrush, decorative hooks (or chenille wires), and decorative ribbon.

Use the brush to paint each child’s three middle fingers (not the thumb or pinky) white. With fingers painted, have each child place their hand carefully around an ornament. When dry, you have markings representing three snowmen. Use permanent markers to add details such as scarves, hats, facial features, etc., as well as each child’s name and the date.

Add a fancy hook and bow to each one. (Variation: Stir up a mixture of equal parts white craft glue and shaving cream. Have children use cotton swabs to dab dots of mixture around snowmen so as to resemble snowflakes; children can also dip bottoms of ornaments into mixture; when dry, mixture will resemble puffy snow.)”

“Finger-painted” Snowman Ornaments -
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