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August 23, 2017

Food Activities & Crafts for the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Food Lesson Ideas for the Classroom

Food Lesson Ideas for the Classroom

It’s always fun to integrate food into lesson plans. While it may seem like a messy idea, using food is a great way to get even the most reluctant learners to create and explore. Whether you are searching for that perfect filler activity for a Friday afternoon or want to jump start a math lesson, check out the ideas below that use food to make learning fun.

Food Lesson Ideas

Marshmallow Toss

A bag of tiny marshmallows, a bag of large marshmallows and a timer are all you need to get kids giggling and learning. Have students estimate the number of seconds that they think they can hit a marshmallow up into the air and keep it up. Will there be a difference between the mini marshmallows and the large ones? Which one will be easier to keep up in the air and why? Think of it like a balloon toss, but with marshmallows! Be prepared for some serious giggling and smiling from your students. If you have use of the empty cafeteria or playground, you may want to take the class there to do the activity.

Pudding Prints

This activity calls for some messy fingers, so be sure to do it at the end of the day and when your students are wearing smocks! On heavy card stock, have students finger paint their spelling words or the alphabet with pudding. They will love the texture and feel of the pudding as they spell out their words. Hang the dried prints up on a bulletin board for spelling success that is called, “The Proof is in the Pudding!”

Estimation Jars

Fill a few different glass or plastic peanut butter jars with different types of candy. Jellybeans, chocolate kisses, and other small candies are ideal. Have students estimate how many pieces of candy are in each jar. You can add variations to the activity by using just one type of candy and putting the same number of pieces in each jar, but using different size containers. Set the activity up as an independent learning station where students are required to write out their reasoning for each guess. Count them together as a class at the end of the week.

Pretzel Stick Cabins

Playing with your food is encouraged in this activity! Using small cubes, have students glue small pretzel sticks to the sides to create a log cabin. Inexpensive and fun, this activity is perfect for fall holidays and during unit studies.


What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate food into classroom activities? Leave a comment below and share your ideas


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