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July 5, 2018

Fourth of July Fun: a Crafting Guide

Written By: Danielle Muir
4th of July Crafts

The Fourth of July is a great time to craft with your children. Grab your red, white and blue art supplies and get ready for some fun with your children!

Paper Plate Noisemakers

Encourage your children to color patriotic images on the backs of two paper plates. Staple the plates together leaving a small hole. Add rice or some beans to the inside through the small hole and finish stapling.  Shake it up! You’ve got a patriotic noisemaker.

4th of July Crafts

Firecracker Tubes


Paint a toilet tissue tube or paper towel tube red white and blue. Cut and glue construction paper to cover the top and bottom. Add pipe cleaners to the top to create a firecracker.

4th of July Crafts

Uncle Sam Masks

Cut out the inside of a paper plate, leaving the outer edge. Glue a large construction triangle to the bottom of the plate. Have your children glue cotton balls to the triangle for Uncle Sam’s beard. Cut out two rectangles and glue together to make a hat. Decorate with stickers or color. Glue the hat to the top of the hollowed out plate. Add a paint stirrer to the side so that your children can hold their Uncle Sam and peek through.

Patriotic Necklaces

Cut out a variety of red, white blue and stars. Hole punch them at the top. Allow Children to string the stars on a piece of yarn. Knot the yarn to create a patriotic necklace perfect to wear to the fireworks.

4th of July Crafts


Hollow out a paper plate. Using packing tape, cover the center hole, sticky side up. Cut tiny squares of red, white and blue tissue paper. Allow your children to stick the tissue on the tape, covering the entire hole. Hang in a sunny location and see the beauty of the sun catcher!

Fingerprint Flags

On a large sheet of paper, measure lines for the 13 stripes of the American flag. Create a square in the upper left hand corner for the stars. Your children will enjoy using their fingers and red paint to make the stripes of the flag. Paint the square blue and when dry, add finger stars in white paint.

4th of July Crafts

Children love to create with their parents. These crafts are quick ways to enjoy some quality  time with your children.


What patriotic crafts do you like to make?


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