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February 21, 2019

Grouping by Color in the Classroom

Written By: Angela French
X Grouping by Color

Many teachers strive for a well-organized classroom! There are several ways to organize, and one of those ways is with color. Whether you choose shades of the same color, or a rainbow, you and your students will love the stylish organization that it brings to the room! If you’re looking for a more muted look, try black with a pop of different colors.

Grouping by Color

There are a variety of ways to color-code, and here are a few:

Color-Code Students

Give each table or grouping of students a color. This makes staying organized a breeze!

You can go as in-depth as you want, or as simple as you want. Simply color-coding your tables or groups makes line-up or coming to the carpet easy. Instead of calling on individual students, you can simply say, “Red group line up.”

Additionally, organizing by color helps students know where to return materials and which materials are theirs, and gives them some needed independence while helping you maintain a well-run classroom. Here are some great products that will help you:

Grouping by Color
Display class groups and expectations

Color-Code Chairs

Chair pockets not only help students organize their materials, they allow teachers to color-code groups for easy classroom management. Clear plastic tabs hold a replaceable name tag.

Grouping by Color
Keep small groups organized with chair pockets in 6 bright colors

Color-Code by Subject

Give each subject a different color. This will keep you organized, as well as the students. When it’s time for a subject to start, students will automatically know what to look for! During math time, students can grab their math folder or you can grab a basket with the math materials.

Grouping by Color

Bins, Boxes and Tubs!

You can never have too many bins!

Grouping by Color
Organize, store, and carry books and supplies for six groups with this color-coded basket set.
Grouping by Color
Color-code paper storage for small groups in sturdy plastic baskets.

Group by Your Imagination!

There are so many ways to color-code! Here are a couple that you may not have thought of:

  • Day of the Week
  • Period
  • AM/PM Classes
  • Reading Genre

Another consideration is which colors to use. Here at Really Good Stuff® we offer many color varieties, so it is easy to color-code! We have items in 4 colors, 6 colors, rainbow, neon colors, tropical colors, different shades of blue, or just about any combination that you can dream up!

How have you used color to organize in the classroom?

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