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November 10, 2012

Last Minute Thanksgiving Prep Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Home Life
Thanksgiving Prep Ideas for Busy Teachers -

Thanksgiving Prep Ideas for Busy Teachers
The mad dash toward Thanksgiving is on and it seems like those last minute details pop up without warning. Instead of worrying about name cards and table decor on Thanksgiving morning, take some time the weekend before to get things squared away. With a little bit of pre-planning and preparation, your Thanksgiving morning can be a lot more relaxed.

Thanksgiving Prep Hacks

Simple Centerpiece

The Thanksgiving table centerpiece is a highlight on many dining room tables. Instead of spending a lot of money on fancy floral arrangements, collect pine cones from the backyard pine tree and display them in a low, rectangular basket. If you have the time and are feeling particularly creative, spray paint them outside with a light coating of gold paint. You can also add in acorns or small pumpkins that might be left over from Halloween. The result is a simple centerpiece with color and interest that will be ready to go come Thanksgiving morning.

Breakfast Casserole

If Thanksgiving dinner is at your house, you will be doing enough cooking during the day to last you awhile. Make an easy and delicious breakfast casserole ahead of time to get everyone off to a good start. While some casseroles are best made the night before, others are perfect for making a few days ahead, freezing and cooking on Thanksgiving morning.

Place Cards

For the fancy Thanksgiving table, place cards are a must. While watching your favorite shows this weekend, grab a stack of plain 3″ x 5″ index cards, some stamps and a permanent marker. Fold the index cards in half and decorate. Write your guests’ names with the marker and before you know it that small decorating detail will be ready to cross off your to-do list.


The worst part of having company over is the cleaning that needs to take place beforehand. Do not rush around on Thanksgiving morning with your dust rag and glass cleaner, take time to get it done the weekend before the big day. Give yourself 15 minutes per room and space the cleaning throughout the weekend. In an hour’s time, you can have the kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room cleaned and ready to go. Set a timer and turn up some fast music when you start each room. You will be surprised how quickly you can clean and straighten a space when you make it a game to beat the timer.

What are some of your last minute time savers for Thanksgiving? What do you get ready ahead of time so that you can enjoy the day?  Leave a comment and share with us!

Thanksgiving Prep Ideas for Busy Teachers -


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