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February 27, 2017

March Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
March Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

March Bulletin Board Ideas

March is the month for celebrating spring and gearing up for standardized testing.  Are your bulletin boards ready?  If you’re looking for some fun new ways to brighten up your preschool, elementary or middle school March bulletin boards, try one of the ideas below.  The help students focus on the skills you want to reinforce while adding color and character to the classroom!

Welcome Spring with a New March Bulletin Board

Spring Into New Behavior

While the traditional spring bulletin boards are always a good option, put a new twist on them this March with an anti-Bullying theme.  “Spring Into New Behavior” can encourage students to take a stand against bullying and help promote better, more positive, choices.  Cover the board in tinfoil to create a reflective surface that students can see themselves in.  On colorful, cut-out flowers write anti-bullying tips* for students and hang them on the board.  Have students create a pledge to refrain from and help prevent bullying when they see it.  Write the pledges on cut-out clouds, butterflies, or other spring related cut-outs.  Hang them on the board to complete the picture and create an anti-bullying reminder that your students will take to heart.

*Anti-bullying tips that you might want to use include:

  • Be respectful.
  • Report bullying.
  • Give respect to get respect.


Interactive Review

With Standardized Testing approaching, there comes the need for skill review.  Create a bulletin board that’s a designated review center where students can work during downtime in the classroom.  Start by sectioning off the board into four quadrants.  Hang different colored paper or fabric in each section.  Label each section with the name of the subject to be reviewed.  For example, you may have sections for math, reading, grammar, and vocabulary if those are the big four that your students will be tested on.  Create review sheets or copy them from a test review book and place them in folders that you have hung in each quadrant.  Students work through them at their own pace and when they have completed a review sheet they can write their name on a construction paper square and hang it in that section.  By the time testing time arrives your students will be ready to go.

March Madness

Break out the small basketball hoop that attaches to the door and use it for your bulletin board instead.  On a bulletin board covered in basketball theme fabric, hang the basketball hoop and a folder containing blank brackets.  Place a set of math fact flashcards on a table in front of the board, or hang them in a folder.  Have students choose different flashcards to fill in each line of the bracket.  While there does not have to be one number that carries through to the next level, it is a good way to have students practice a wide range of math facts.  Use multiplication, division, addition or subtraction cards to focus in on what your students need the most help with.  Once completed, the math brackets can be displayed on the bulletin board itself.

March Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom


What are some of your favorite March bulletin board ideas?  Leave a comment below or on the Really Good Teacher Forum and share with us!


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  • Jdupuis
    March 5, 2017

    During the month of March I love to do a writing and bulletion board idea based around St. Patrick’s Day. Because I teach fourth grade I ask the students to write If I had three wishes I would wish…
    They have to explain why they chose that wish. They can only have one wish granted for material items or things. It makes them reflect a little more and it is amazing what they wish for. I think you might be surprised how special they truly are.

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