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February 18, 2013

Fun Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Fun Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

Fun Journal Writing Prompts for Kids

Changing up the topic choices each month in the writing center is an easy way to hold students’ interests and keep them engaged.  Instead of writing the ideas by hand or worrying about storing a poster that you have written the prompts on, print out this article.  Cut out the writing prompt section and glue it to a plain manila folder.  Label the front and laminate it.  Next year, your writing center work will be ready to go!


Student Writing Prompts for the Writing Center

1.  Read a kid-friendly joke book.  Copy one of the jokes into your writing journal and draw a picture to go with it.

BONUS:  Write your own joke.


2.  Make a list of 20 people or things that you are lucky to have in your life.


3.  Write a story about meeting a leprechaun or fairy.


4.  Draw your favorite animal and write at least 3 facts about it.


5.  Write an acrostic poem about spring, summer, winter, or fall.


6.  Describe what it might be like if you were a bird trying to catch a worm.


7.  Write a persuasive paragraph trying to convince someone to believe in something.


8.  Design a poster advertising a vacation spot for Spring or Summer Break.


9.  Write a letter to your future self telling what it is like to be your age now.


10.  Create a paper chain by writing one of your spelling words on each strip of paper before linking them together.


11.  Write a haiku about one of the four seasons.


12.  Write a cheer that encourages student to do their best in school.


13.  Draw a 3-panel cartoon depicting your favorite part of your favorite book.


14.  Work with a friend to trace each others silhouettes.  Fill your silhouette in with words that describe you.


15.  Imagine you are traveling to a distant planet.  Write a paragraph about what you would pack to take with you and why.


16. Write a shape poem about your favorite food.


17. Write about what your pet (or the class pet) would say if he or she could talk.


18. In writing, explain to someone how to play your favorite video game.


19. Write an informal letter to a friend telling him or her about your favorite vacation.


20. Make a list of 10 things that you would have at your dream birthday party.

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