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June 2, 2016

Preschool Reading Center Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Preschool Reading Center Ideas

Preschool Reading Center Ideas

Preschool reading centers are a wonderful way to help develop literacy and language skills in early learners. Designing an area within a classroom that focuses on listening, reading, and writing will give children an opportunity to explore and learn through hands-on participation. Providing access to a variety of literacy tools, such as reading and writing materials, books and reference resources, and phonics activities can spark imagination and inspire an interest for education in young students.   Becoming familiar with the alphabet, focusing on letter recognition, building vocabulary, and strengthening reading and comprehension skills are just a few of the many benefits having a reading center in preschool can provide.

How to Create a Reading Center in a Preschool Classroom

To begin creating a space designed for focusing on literacy activities, it is vital for the area to be welcoming and appealing to early learners. By incorporating comfortable seating such as floor pillows, beanbag chairs, and a cushioned discussion set, children will have their choice of cozy places to read and to listen. In addition to the relaxed lounges, it is also necessary to have tables and chairs for activities that require a work area for writing practice. Having a place where children feel invited and encouraged to learn will help to support education in preschool.


Now that the space is shaping up nicely into a warm and comfortable area for reading, writing, and listening, it should be stocked with a variety of educational tools for preschoolers to explore. Provide a collection of books that are of interest to early learners such as storybooks, picture books, nursery rhymes, and factual books. Include workbooks, drawing books, and comprehension books for children to practice letter tracing, art design, or create word sentences. Keeping books organized by type or theme allows children to help themselves to a book from the bookshelf based on what they are interested in at the time. Stocking the reading center with writing implements such as paper and pencils, mini blackboards and chalk, or personal dry erase boards and markers can further promote the development of literacy skills by offering hands on practice and play through independent discovery or classroom curriculum. Furthermore, providing an abundance of reference materials is another useful way to expand the reading center. Hang posters of numbers and the alphabet to give preschoolers a visual guide as needed. Display pocket charts of sentence strips and language flash cards to help improve vocabulary skills and word identification.


Within the reading center should also be a place to focus on listening. To practice listening individually, students can use a cassette or CD player with headphones. Using a jack box will allow more than one child to listen at the same time with the use of headphones. Audio books and other phonics learning materials are encouraged and supported with the help of a listening area. This gives children a comfortable space to explore different sounds and tones.


With a variety of learning materials concerning alphabet and number knowledge, letter and word recognition, and vocabulary and comprehension, a reading center in the preschool classroom will promote the development of literacy skills. Incorporating an assortment of books, puzzles, and interactive learning games, the preschool reading center will become the hub of the classroom.

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