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October 31, 2018

Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection Review

Written By: Ashley Shanley
Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection


Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection

I have always been a huge fan of Really Good Stuff, but when I heard they were coming out with Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection, I could not wait to try it! Really Good Stuff’s Digital Learning Collection overall has been a wonderful experience as an educator. I was able to test it out with a 30 day free trial before committing (even though I would love to get the entire collection for my school!). The application is available on Apple products (iPhone and iPad), Google Play, and Android phones.

How to Sign Up for a Free 30 Day Trial

The first step was setting up an account: entering your educator email, creating a password, and naming your class.. Once your account is set up, you receive an email with all the links and information you need to set up your online classroom. Next, you add your students in each section you have. What I loved most was the option to add up to 35 students! My teacher dashboard shows how many assignments have been completed and in what subject area. There are 7 subjects to choose from so every class can benefit from this!

Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection

Creating a Class

For my trial, I chose 3 students: A, B, and C. The student dashboard allows teachers to have all students and pass codes visible, as well as see how many hours they have worked and assignments they have completed. In the assignment section, you are able to assign students certain educational games and see their progress throughout! It is a great feature to see how far along each student has reached. Each assignment gives an overview of the game as well as skills and concepts the student will use while engaging in the assignment.

Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection

Standards Matching Tool – National and State Standards

Although there are so many amazing aspects of the collection, I think my favorite part has to be the Standard Matching Tool. Teachers are able to search standards by state, grade, and subject. Another option is to search by application. Select a title of an application you want to use and it will align your standards with that application right away. It really is so helpful!

Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection

Overall, this may be the most genius thing Really Good Stuff has come up with! I am completely overjoyed with the amount of options this tool has for teachers to use. It makes our incredibly challenging job a whole lot easier!


Did you get your free trial? Make sure you try your 30 days and tell Really Good Stuff your favorite features!

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