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June 29, 2018

Relax This Summer!

Written By: Danielle Muir
Teacher Summer

Ah yes, summer! A break from the daily grind. A time to de-stress and unwind. As teachers, we tend to spend our free time thinking about our students. Here are some ways to truly relax this summer.

Beach Please!

Nothing screams summer more than a trip to the beach. Pack your sunscreen, chair and hat and head to the sea. Enjoy listening to the waves crash and the beautiful scenery. Go on a walk or collect shells. Savor the time with Mother Nature.

Teacher Summer

Drive-In Fun

Old time drive-ins have begun to reappear recently. Check your local listings and catch a movie under the stars. My friends and I like to arrive early and tailgate. We bring food, beverages and games. Nothing beats a game of bean bags before a flick!

Act Like a Kid

Use the summer as an excuse to let your inner child loose. Visit a park and ride the swings. Head to an amusement park and scream on the roller coaster. Say, “yes!,” when you hear the ice cream man on your street. Let go of your teacher side and let your student side come out!

Teacher Summer

Read for Yourself

During the school year, I’m always reading: reading professional books, reading young adult literature, reading picture books. The summer is time for me to read what I want to read for enjoyment. I often joke that summer is my “chick lit” time. Quick beach reads and love stories can often be found in my bags. These types of reads help us to unwind. They help us to take our minds off the stress and off to another faraway place.

Splurge: You’re Worth It

Get a massage. Go for a pedicure. Take a trip. Treat yourself. Teaching is hard. Reward yourself for your efforts. Pampering ourselves once in a while can go along way.

Teacher Summer

Teaching is a difficult job. Use summer as a way to relax and rejuvenate. You will be in a better place in the fall and your students will get your best “you.”

How do you relax during the summer?

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