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March 28, 2012

Spotlighting Health in the Classroom by Gina Ciocca

Written By: Gina Ciocca
X Creating a Healthy Classroom Environment

Creating a Healthy Classroom Environment

Recently, Really Good Stuff was recognized by the Fairfield County Business Council for efforts made by our Health and Wellness Committee to create a healthier workplace. In addition to implementing programs like Weight Watchers at Work, Really Good Stuff has created fun, easy ways for employees to stay healthy and stress-free.  We have a walking club, group outings, cancer awareness events, a health fair, and even Stress Buster Friday events, which range from Silly Hat Day to Tacky Christmas Sweater Day.

Healthy Classroom and Beyond

It is an honor to be recognized for such an important cause, and in the spirit of getting and staying healthy, we wanted to offer some tips for wellness in the classroom:

  • Teach students to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly for at least 10-15 seconds. If they are unsure of how long to wash, they can sing Happy Birthday or the alphabet!
  • Clean desks and chairs with antibacterial spray. Keep wipes and sanitizer handy for objects shared by little hands
  • Avoid using food or sugary treats as rewards. Instead, opt for motivational rewards such as extra reading time, or prizes such as stickers or certificates or pencils!
  • Create lessons on healthy food choices that give kids a fun, positive association with eating healthy. Let them know that high-sugar and high-fat snacks, such as chips and soda, are okay once in a while – but that healthy snacks, such as fruit and milk, will help keep their minds and bodies at their best!
  • Encourage physical activity. Here at Really Good Stuff, we have Seventh Inning Stretch breaks. When we hear the baseball music come over the loud speaker, we know to stop everything and stretch! Structured but fun ways to get kids out of their seat are a great way to keep their brains working and their energy levels up.



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