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June 3, 2016

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas That Are Oh, So Sweet!

Summer School Bulletin Board Ideas That Are Oh, So Sweet!

Ask a student where they would like to be during the summer and the odds are good that it is not sitting in a classroom.  It is important to keep those students who need extra help during the summer months motivated.  What better way to do that than by turning the bulletin boards into game-themed displays.  Check out the three fun ideas that are sure to keep even the most reluctant of summer school attendees smiling.

Fun Summer Bulletin Boards

Heading to Candy Castle

No board game is sweeter than Candy Land™.  Imagine a bulletin board with a Candy Land™ theme that tracks positive behavior and good deeds.  Not only will it be a great way to engage your students, but it also focuses their attention on the positive things that can happen while they are in school.  Cover the bulletin board with a colorful, plain paper or fabric background.  Use the Peppermint Candies Border around the edge of the board and place a laminated Candy Land™ board game in the center. Explain that each act of kindness that or positive behavior displayed by the class will result in moving ahead one game space.  When the game piece reaches the end of the board, have a special treat or celebration.  If your students complete the game board in record time, start over!  The more “sweet” acts they can perform, the better.

Scrabble™ Scramble

Making your summer school students feel welcome in the classroom is important to their success while they are with you.  Turn one bulletin board into a Scrabble™-theme board that challenges them to build their vocabulary while it welcomes them at the same time.  Use the Scrabble™ Letters Deco Letters to spell out “Welcome” on the board that’s been covered in plain fabric or paper.  Hang a real Scrabble™ game board in the center of the bulletin board after you have laminated it with clear Contact paper.  Hang two dry-erase markers from strings next to the game board.  Students can play a modified version of the game where they build words using the one of their vocabulary words as the base word.  Challenge them to use as many of their vocabulary or spelling words as possible.  You can also carry the Scrabble™ theme throughout the classroom by using the Scrabble™ Letters Trimmer and Accents to label bins and baskets.

Go Fishing for Sight Words

Let’s face it, kids in summer school would rather be near the water.  Since they have to be in the classroom, why not bring the water to them with a fun Go Fish!-inspired board.  Trim a section of your magnetic white board or the side of a metal filing cabinet with wavy blue trim.  Place the magnetic fish from the Let’s Go Fishing: First 100 Fry Words game in the center of the board area.  Have students pick a fish and practice spelling and writing the word that’s on it.  Create a mini-book filled with their newly mastered words that they can reference and take home.  Fishing for sight words is an activity they are sure to get hooked on.


What are some of your favorite summer school bulletin board ideas?  Leave a comment and share them with us!

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