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Tag: exercise

Articles | November 1, 2016

Many aspects of early childhood development are interconnected and interdependent. Gross motor development connects to fine motor development, which connects to cognitive development, and so on—a veritable Dem Bones of

Articles | February 3, 2015

  No matter where you live, those days when the words “indoor recess” are spoken over the loudspeaker there’s an instant feeling of dread.  Have no fear!  We have three

Articles | February 23, 2013

Are you one of the 70%?  70% of people who know that they should exercise, but don’t?  While exercising can reduce a variety of health problems while increasing strength and

Articles | February 9, 2013

by Bex Mawn, Guest Blogger No matter what your job is, it is so tough to stay healthy by eating well and staying active. A few years ago I decided

Articles | December 30, 2012

Do not let the cold deter you from exercising this winter.  Before you know it, summer will be knocking at your door and you will be wishing that you had

Articles | March 24, 2012

Finding time during the day to exercise is challenging for most teachers. Although you are constantly moving, exercise time is hard to find. To help you fit a little bit

Articles | May 29, 2010

June is a month filled with outdoor exercising opportunities. From biking to running to walking, there is no shortage of races, walks and charity events to get involved with to

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