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October 13, 2017

Tips for Creating Substitute Teacher Plans

Written By: Laura

It’s bound to happen at least once during the year… you are sick and you need a substitute to run your class in your absence. Here’s the chance to plan ahead! Why not use tips from experienced teachers who know exactly how to plan for a substitute. Those who know how to leave detailed instructions so substitutes can run your class efficiently and effectively.

Things a Sub Should Know

Here are some instructions that you need to let your substitute know, including daily processes that may be common sense to you, but not to others:

  • Lesson plans
  • Instructions for attendance
  • Emergency directions
  • Behavior management system
  • Bathroom policies
  • Dismissal procedures

Here are additional directions that you may want to leave for your substitute.

Visuals Make the Day More Manageable

Leaving a detailed visual for the students and the substitute to refer to for the day is a great way to map out the daily activities and their duration. There’s no better reminder of where and when a substitute needs to make a transition than a visual reminder that they can glance at easily.

Prepare Substitute Plans Ahead of Time

The number one suggestion to new teachers is to prepare your substitute plans before beginning of the school year. Plan for up to one week of absence, so that you won’t be stressing about getting this done when you’re already feeling lousy.


One method you might employ is to let the class work toward a reward at the end of the day. Keep a stash of rewards that you can have on hand, like this treasure chest of goodies.

Ask for a detailed report from the substitute so that you are aware of things that transpired during your absence. This will be helpful because you can learn how you may need to modify substitute plans or if the situation needs to be addressed further. You can even leave a questionnaire for them to fill out if you want to ask specific questions.

What other tips do you have when creating plans for a substitute teacher?

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