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February 5, 2016

Celebrating Read Across America Day in Preschool

Written By: Early Childhood
X Read Across America Day in Preschool

Read Across America Day in Preschool

Read Across America Day is commemorated on March 2, which is also the birthday of famous children’s author Dr. Seuss. A small group from the National Education Association created this day to promote, motivate and celebrate reading every day of the year all across the nation. With the help of parents, teachers, and caretakers, Read Across America Day has become one of the largest celebrations of reading in the country. By recognizing this program, children are encouraged and motivated to read which, in turn, creates successful student achievement, as well as, a lifelong appreciation of books and reading. Get involved and begin planning the different ways to encourage the celebration of Read Across America Day with these seven helpful ideas.

7 Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Day in Preschool


1. Circle Time Stories

Seems simple, but the best way to celebrate this day is to read a good book. Pick out a story or two to be read during circle time for little learners. Older kids and teens can head to the library to pick out a book that interests them. They can read on their own or choose to read to younger children.


2. Sing-A-Long Event

Dr. Seuss also composed a number of silly songs in addition to his catchy rhyming books. Set up a Sing-A-Long event to introduce the songs, teach the words, and help children to participate in a musical way. This activity will surely get the attention of youngsters and involve them celebrating Read Across America Day.


3. Seuss Dinner Party

Observe the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a feast! Decorate in all things Dr. Seuss with banners of his characters, a display of his story books, and some of his famous quotes. Incorporate a few of his favorite dishes including green eggs and ham, who hash, and roast beast. Children can help make some of these delicious recipes and set them out for everyone to enjoy.


4. Visit a Bookstore

A number of bookstores hold readings throughout the country to help honor Read Across America Day. Look online for participating bookstores and the dates they hold story time. If there’s not a reading near you, talk to your local bookstore and encourage them to partake in the national celebration of reading. In any case, a trip to a bookstore is still a wonderful way to honor this day.


5. Costume Party

Commemorate this day with a costume party where everyone can dress up as their favorite character from a Dr. Seuss story or other beloved book. Gear up as the Cat in the Hat, or maybe, Horton who can hear the Who’s. Let’s not forget about Thing One and Thing Two, Cindy Lou Who or the Lorax. There are a number of characters from any books that can be included in the costume party: Alice from Alice and Wonderland, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Goldilocks from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The list is endless of characters that can be brought to life with a costume. To continue the celebration of Read Across America throughout the party, stories can be re-enacted with some dramatic role-play activities.


6. Pajama Day

Everyone has heard the saying, “curl up with a good book.” Give children the chance to do just that by having them come to school dressed in their pajamas and slippers, with their favorite book, and a comfort item, such as a teddy bear or blanket. Set up the reading nook area or the whole classroom to be as comfortable as possible with floor mats, beanbag chairs, pillows, even a tent or two to transform the space. Offer up a few special treats for pajama day including hot chocolate, tea, and a few healthy snack options.


7. Books with a Buddy

The buddy system is an excellent way to learn and share with friends. Help younger children by having older kids, siblings, or relatives come in and pair up to read a good book with them. Encourage switching partners and stories to facilitate more reading time with additional books to celebrate Read Across America Day.


Find more Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss’ Birthday ideas here!

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