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February 19, 2016

March Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Written By: Early Childhood
X March Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool and Beyond

 March Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool and Beyond

Decorating the preschool bulletin board in March can be achieved by incorporating a holiday or observance that takes place sometime during the month. Below are five bulletin board ideas for the month of March.

March Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

1. Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss and his amazing contribution to children’s literature, the national reading movement known as Read Across America Day is celebrated on his birthday. Featuring this storybook writer and illustrator on the classroom bulletin board during the month of March will support creativity, books, and reading with students.

Decorate the bulletin board with different books and characters created by Dr. Seuss. Use character cutouts, popular quotes and colorful props to bring his stories to life while incorporating a colorful map of the Read Across America tour. Add pictures of the students wearing red and white striped hats or hanging out in Whoville. Bring out the imaginations of early learners with this creative bulletin board.


2. St. Patrick’s Day

Observe this holiday by celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish with a vibrant bulletin board. With a bright rainbow leading to a big pot of gold in a field of shamrocks, preschoolers will love this cheerful display.

For the board, design a rainbow with the handprints of all the students, use some paint, or maybe go for a three-dimensional look and make the rainbow with balloons. At the end of the rainbow sits a pot of gold, which can be made out of black paper and pompoms. Children can also help cut out shamrocks for the field and attach them to the board. Include a few dancing leprechauns hiding throughout for some giggles.

3. Welcome Spring

Celebrate spring and the start of new life by decorating the bulletin board with the welcoming images of the new coming season that is about to arrive this month.

With a big bright yellow sun in the sky shining over blooming flowers, emerging butterflies, and baby birds, preschoolers will begin to recognize the collective signs of spring. Children can help create the board by crafting the flowers and coloring the butterflies and birds for the display. Incorporate additional springtime life such as ladybugs, bumble bees, ducks, and bunnies to help preschoolers welcome spring in the classroom.


4. Musical Notes

March is the month that schools across the nation recognize the importance of music education. Encourage the discovery of music by introducing the topic through the classroom bulletin board.

Decorate with cut outs of musical notes, signs, and a variety of instruments. Incorporate lyrics of songs and pictures of musicians for children to investigate. Include illustrations of devices such as a radio, iPod, and record player. From dancing to singing, this bulletin board will challenge children to explore music and sounds.

5. Easter

Recognize this holiday in March with a bulletin board display of the Easter bunny, baskets of colorful eggs, and little yellow chicks.

Design the board simulating an Easter egg hunt. Display fields of grassy meadows and a few trees with bright eggs hidden throughout. Include a few cut outs of the Easter bunny with his chick friends, a happy sunshine, and blooming Easter flowers. Preschoolers will love this holiday celebration bulletin board.






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